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Acorn Nano Micro Hybrid-Syringe Operatory Kit


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Product Description



Eight Vita shades
Eight syringes-4.5 g. per syringe
Z Bond-dentin/enamel self-etching bonding agent


Depth of cure-2.6 mm
Flexual strength-126 MPa
Diametral tensile strength-59 Mpa
Compressive strength-290 Mpa
Shrinkage stress-1,7 Mpa
Volumetric shrinkage-2,3%
Visual opacity-45%
Water sorption-15 mg/µm3
Water solubility-0,2 mg/µm3
Polishability-High gloss

Acorn composite suitable for: Class III, IV, V, as well as, class I and II restorations. Fabrication of extra orally tempered inlays-and onlays by the direct or indirect method, as well as, fabrication of extraorally tempered custom made veneers.
A highly polishable, photocuring, Nano-Micro Hybrid composite for anterior and posterior restorations.
A high filler content contributes to low shrinkage, low water sorption, low coefficient of thermal expansion and wear and scratch resistance.
Superior esthetics due to a well-balanced opacity, and availability of multiple shades.
Excellent x-ray opacity.
Outstanding color stability.

The standard Acorn kit comes in the following shades: A1, B2, A2, A3, A4, B3, C2 and D3. Z Bond-L/C Dentin Enamel Self-Etching Bonding Agent, and Etch Gel are included in the kit as well. In addition to the shades mentioned above we carry the following colors: A-3,5, B-1, C-3, and Incisal.

Download Acorn Composite Comparison Studies

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Acorn Intructions & MSDS

Download Acorn Instructions & MSDS

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