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Elity 70 Wall Mounted X-Ray Unit. Intraoral Radiographic Machine


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Product Description

Elity 70 is an intraoral radiographic digital x-ray machine that uses the most modern controls to reduce the levels of radiation.
The long cone of Elity 70 is ideal for the use of technique of parallelism.
The perfect balance of its scissors arm type permits a secure and trustworthy displacement of the head.
ELITY 70 digital x-ray features an independent spring system in the pantograph arms that enables you to position the digital X-ray head in the exact place every time.
The wall mounted unit as well as the mobile will give you the same results, each coming with an electronic timer.
Electrically computerized, totally automatic, and programmed to obtain a perfect diagnostic in each patient.
In your hands you will find a selection of functions and the way to activate and deactivate the controls.
Automatic Voltage Compensator:
This device will give you automatically the voltage your X-ray machine needs to operate correctly, therefore obtaining a perfect X-ray for a perfect diagnostic each time you use it.
The ELITY®70 Dental X-Ray System can be used for traditional or digital intra-oral radiographs.
Provides crisp, high contrast images with user friendly controls.
The tube head is connected to the arm by means of a rotating contact, allowing 360º horizontal rotation and 285º vertical rotations for precise positioning.
Effectively reduces exposure time and the amount of radiation absorbed by the patient.
Exposure times are selected manually with a micro-processor controlled digital timer offering three automatic intensity settings depending on the size of the patient.
Elity 70 – Wall Mounted X-Ray Unit


Produces high quality low-dose images for either film or digital sensors.
Features 96″ arm and remote exposure switch.
Exposure Times Digital: 0.01 to 0.15 seconds
Standard Film: 0.10 to 2.3 seconds
Independent spring system in the pantograph arms that enables you to position the X-ray head in the exact place every time.