Light Super Bond-M-L/C Orthodontic Adhesive (Syringe Kit)


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Product Description

  • Light Super Bond represents state-of- the-art technology: it offers the most desirable characteristics, in versatility, ease of handling and reliability.

  • Unlimited working time-cures on demand with a visible light-curing unit.

  • Bracket compatibility-designed to be used with ceramic, plastic or metal brackets.

  • Viscosity-consistency of the Light Super Bond-M paste eliminates bracket flotation.

  • High light sensitivity of the material allows for the use of Light Super Bond-M not only for bonding translucent (plastic or ceramic) brackets, but also for
    light impermeable metal  ones.

  • Light Super Bond-M is a light cured material, which allows for relief from time pressure.

  • The dentist, therefore, has plenty of time for cleaning the excess adhesive around the bracket bases. Simplicity of application procedure, and relief from time pressure, results in obtaining reproducible bond strength, and precise bracket placement.

  • The material has superior resistance to discoloration. It is economical to use and has virtually no waste and long shelf life, all of which contribute to the ease of working with this product.

Light Super Bond M Instructions

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