Saturn M

Saturn M-Light, Self & Dual-Cure Core Build-Up Material (1:4 Formula)


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A regular Saturn M kit contains three syringes in natural, and two syringes in contrast shades, however, feel free to customize your kit.

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Product Description

*In dual cure mode restorative pastes are mixed with accelerators, this permits complete set of the material irrespective of the thickness of the restoration, or the accessibility of light.
*Virtually unlimited working time in light-cure mode; convenient working time in self-cure mode.
*Well-balanced x-ray opacity permits easy distinguishing from tooth structure, pins and posts.
*Moldable, non sticky consistency.
*Allows one to control consistency, whenever desirable, by adding either liquid or paste-type catalyst for dual cure.
*Contains moderately hard filler for easier carving and shaping.
*Does not require refrigeration: long shelf life at ambient temperatures.
*The Standard Saturn M kit contains two shades: contrasting for easy distinguishing from tooth structure; and the natural for use under semi-transparent ceramics.

Comparison of Properties of Cured Saturn M Core Build-Up Material with Glass Ionomer Cements, and with the Requirements of ADA Specification No.27 for Composite Restoratives


Saturn M Core Build-up Material

Type I

Type II

Glass Ionomer

Compressive Strength

30761.2 psi (212 MPa)

not specified

not specified

14.500-2.500 psi (100-190 MPa)

Diametral Tensile Strength

6384.4 psi (45 MPa)

3480 psi (24MPa)

4930 psi (34MPa)

1300-2170 psi (9-15 MPa)

Hardness (Barcol)


not specified

not specified


Solubility in Water

virtually insoluble

not specified

not specified

0.1 -2.0%

Working Time (at 23ºC in self-cure mode)

135 seconds

min. 90 seconds

min. 90 seconds

120-240 seconds

Setting Time (at 23ºC in self-cure mode)

240 seconds

max. 8 mm.

max. 8 mm.

7-15 min.


Saturn M Instructions & MSDS

Download Saturn M Instructions & MSDS

Download the PDF file .