Composite Polishing Kit (32 Diamond Burs, 12 Silicone Polishers & Omega Polishing Paste)

Comp Polish Kit 8

Extra Fine Dental Diamond Burs
4-Gingival Curetages


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Omega-Dental Polishing Paste (6g)


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Composite Polishing Kit (9 Silicone Polishers)

Comp Polish Kit


CONTENTS:9 silicone polishers
1.SK 213 2 White pointed polisher
2.SK 214 2 White pointed polisher
3.SK 202 2 White bullet polisher
4.SK 213 3 Green pointed polisher
5.SK 214 3 Green pointed polisher
6.SK 202 3 Green bullet polisher
7.SK 213 5 Pink pointed polisher
8.SK 214 5 Pink pointed polisher
9.SK 202 5 Pink bullet polisher

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Diamond Polishing Set Zirconia for Low Speed Contra Angle Handpiece (12 Pieces)

Diamond Polishing Set for zirconiaDiamond Polishing Set zirconia1



Soft silicone, and diamond polishers for composite materials.


1. For low speed contra angle handpiece.

3. There is no need for the polishing paste, very little pressure is needed, apply with the touch intermittent motion.


1. Red ring (white ceramic grinder)= 1st step: Use for the removing and contouring. Rec. 10,000-12,000 rpm.

2. Yellow ring (blue silicone polisher)= 2nd step: Use for smoothing and per-polishing. Rec.10, 000-12,000 rpm.
3. White ring (light pink diamond polisher)= 3rd step: Use for high gloss polishing. Rec 7,000-10,000 rpm

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High Quality Disposable Prophy Brushes Snap-On Tapered 144 pieces

High Quality Disposable Prophy Brushes Snap-On Tapered 144 pieces

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Disposable Prophy Brushes, Metal Latch Type144 Pieces

100 pieces Firm, Flat type, white, single use, nylon bristles

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Flat Polishing brushes

Flat Polishing Disposable Prophy Brushes 144 Pieces


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100 Disposable Prophy Angle Soft Cup Latex Free Green






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