Olympian M Temporary Cement Auto-Mix System

Excellent handling characteristics.
Good reproducibility of working time.
Auto-mix system.
X-ray opacity.
Low irritation potential.
Negligible solubility.
Low film thickness.
Well-balanced adhesive properties provide good prosthesis retention while allowing for trouble-free removal.
Excellent resistance to the oral environment, as well as, mechanical strength assures good long-term performance.
Olympian M bonds to dentin and metals strong enough to prevent marginal leakage and loss of retention, yet it allows for trouble-free removal.
Good reproducibility of this cement minimizes post operative discomfort.

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Accu Light Temporary Restorative
Easy to apply; fast cure.
Outstanding depth of cure.
Reliable performance.
Good mechanical strength and wear resistance allows for an extended service time of up to six months.
Good biocompatibility shares the same basic chemistry with light cured cavity liners.
Easy removal.
Compatible with all known permanent restoratives and cements.
Long shelf life with no need for refrigeration.
Versatility in use; also suitable for making temporary inlays and onlays, endodontic stopping and emergency temporization.
Depth of Cure (mm) ≥5.00 mm.

Special offer: order one kit for $99.00 and get a second one for $74.00, order four kits for $346.00, etc

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