Z Bond-L/C Dentin Enamel Self-Etching Bonding Agent with Applicators


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Product Description

Dent Zar’s Z-Bond is a One-Step Light-Cured Self-Etching Dentin/Enamel Bonding Adhesive, which releases fluorides and does not require mixing, because the adhesive combines properties of etching and bonding in a single bottle. The result is fast and saves chair time. Z-Bond markedly reduces sensitivity due to the fact that the adhesive penetrates the smear layer and adheres to the tooth structure without opening tubules. The work effort is significantly reduced and simplified with Z Bond. All adhesive treatment steps are included in one component. Z Bond is a 7th generation of bonding dentin/enamel adhesives. Z Bond is designed to promote adhesion to tooth structure in the following applications:

  • Direct bonding of composite.

  • Permanent cementing of metal restorations.

  • Bonding metal posts and core build-ups.

  • Permanently cementing porcelain and indirect composite restorations.

  • Bonding Amalgam to tooth structure.

  • It can be used for all kinds of repairs.

  • It bonds: composite to metal, composite to composite, and composite to porcelain.

  • Z Bond is also, used for desensitizing (hybridizing).

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Z Bond Instructions & MSDS

Download Z Bond Instructions & MSDS

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