LED-Wireless Curing Light (10W of Power) 

10W of power LED
Constant light intensity
Elegant design, and convenient in use
Noiseless operation
Low battery alert
Three working modes: strong, gradual strong, and flashing
Specifically designed charger base can be used as the handle holder
Worldwide use-100V-240V
Cures resin with the wave length of 420-480nm
High capacity lithium battery

Battery capacity: 2200 mA/h 3.7V
Input voltage: 110-240V, AC, 50-60Hz
Wave length: 420-480nm
Light power: 1500mW/cm²
Spectrum range: 420-480nm
Death of cure: 5 seconds/3mm
Time intervals: 5 seconds to 40 seconds
Battery standby time: 90 days
LED light with a fully charged battery can cure for over 2000 seconds, or over 200 uses per charge at 10 seconds per use
Hand held LED unit size: (16.8 x 2.2) cm
Package size: (19 x 9.5 x 6) cm
Color: May vary, and it may be different from the picture above

Special: order one curing light for $99.00, and get the second one $69.00, three for-
$267.00 and four for-$336.00, etc. The price is shown in the cart.

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10 W Wireless LED Dental Curing Light

A high quality LED dental curing light has dual functions: curing light, and tooth whitening accelerator.
Large capacity lithium ion-battery.
Noiseless, no vibration, and generate very little heat while working.

Technical Specifications
Blue-ray output wavelength: 460-465nm2
Power density: 1800mw/cm2.
Three modes: brightness increases gradually, bright, and very bright.

Output can be adjusted from one to ten seconds.
Blue-ray illumination: 5W≥18.

Depth of cure in six seconds: 2-3mm.


Technical Parameters
Temperature: 0℃ to +60℃
Relative humidity: 10% to 75%
Ambient pressure: 700hpa to 1060hpa
Output power———10w
Size ——————— 230*170*110mm
Working voltage—–100-240V AC, 50-60HZ



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Fast Curing LED Wireless Curing Light (12 W of Power)




Cures composite in 1 second with the light intensity of 3000 mW/cm² 

Power: 12W
Cures resin with the wave length of 385-515 nm
Constant light intensity
Aluminum body
Elegant design, and convenient in use

Noiseless operation
Low battery alert
Worldwide use-100V-240V
Input voltage: 110-240V, AC, 50-60Hz
Fully charged high capacity lithium battery, will provide power for 400 hours

Packing List
LED Curing light unit
Curing light guide
Eye protector
Power adapter

Special: order one LED light for $185.00 and get a second one for $135.00


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4 LEDs Teeth Whitening Bleaching Light Table Type


4 powerful LED bulbs emit cold blue light
Time display screen shows the whitening time.

Technical Data
Power Supply: AC 100-240V, 50/60HZ
Power: 12W
Wavelength: 420~480nm
Light Size: 18*64mm2
Light Timing: 0~20 mins
Power Instability: < 1%

Teeth Whitening Light Lamp  x 1


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Teeth Whitening System Floor Type Mobile Bleaching Light Unit


Tunable bleaching time with microprocessor-controlled time presets.
High efficiency goose pipe design, adjust angle at random, convenient to use.
Combination of high power blue led.
Small base sized design, suitable use in dental clinic.
Time display of the teeth whitening machine could shows treatment time to help dentist master treating time and progress and reduce the waiting time of patient.
Timer preset from 5-30 minutes.
Automatic Digital indicator feedback.
Light intensity- 2500mW/cm2
Dimensions-L*W*H)-58*33*29 cm

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Teeth Whitening System Floor Type Mobile Bleaching Light Unit

Input voltage: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 300W
Light resource: Six high power, fan-cooled LEDs
Wave length: 420-490nm
Clamping size: 50mm
Light intensity: 2 intensities [3000 mw/cm2 (low) and 6000 mw/cm2 (high)] Adjustable timer: 1-20 minutes

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Light Guides Sleeves

Small-fits 7-8 mm and large-fits 9-11 mm diameter light guides.
Peel N’ Stick.
200 pieces per box.
Soft, pliable polypropylene sleeves.
Easy to apply.

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