Dent Zar was established in 1988 with the goal of providing high quality dental products. We are constantly improving and adding new products to our existing lineup of materials. Innovation across all aspects of our business is the key to our success. Being active in a high-technology field, we must recognize new trends at a very early stage and be open to unconventional ideas. We see change as an opportunity and complacency as a threat.

         In 1988, Dent Zar, was the first company to introduce a revolutionary porcelain repair kit called NSC and, in 1990 was the first company to introduce a paste-liquid core build-up material. Furthermore, Dent Zar introduced a dual-cured core build-up material, paste/paste, paste/liquid system in 1991, far before any other companies had similar technology. It was also amongst the first companies to introduce hybrid composites, and was amongst the first to introduce LED light cured units. Dent Zar’s revolutionary temporary cement, Olympian M, is used today by the majority of U.S. dentists, as well as thousands of dentists all across the world.

         Dent Zar, always being at the forefront of new dental developments, encourages curiosity and openness towards new ideas throughout the entirety of our company. Today we rank among the top dental companies in the world and are known internationally for our many innovative contributions to dentistry. Our products are approved for sale in Countries of the European Community, Australia, and New Zealand. Dent Zar distributes its products through its network of dealers all over the world, as well as directly to dentists.  Dent Zar has its headquarters in the United States, and also maintains established locations in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

          Dent Zar offers a comprehensive line of products to fulfill the needs of a wide spectrum of dental care professionals. Our products have a long shelf life, are easy to use, inexpensive, and have received the highest praise from the dental community. Over the years, we have made good progress, but we also recognize that there is more work to do. Our aim is to deliver continuous improvement in our performance over the years to come.