Vita 3D-Master Tooth Guide System-29 Colors

Sh Guide 3

Product Description
1. With VITA Tooth Guide 3D System, you can accurately determine all of the natural colors of teeth.
2. It is currently the only commercially available colorimetric system designed according to color spatial sorting theory.
3. It gives a numeric value for color saturation and Hue, allowing determination of tooth color.
Systematic colorimetric: precise color selection.
Accurate color analysis.
Thus, high precision color selection makes restoration more beautiful, meaning more satisfied patients.
Each element of the system matches one another leading to a more accurate color restoration and savings in time and costs.


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Shade Guide in Sixteen Vita Colors

Shade Guide 4

Shade Guide 3

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20 Shade Guides for Whitening & Bleaching





 Product Description

R20 Dental Vita Shade Guide classical Shade Guide for whitening & bleaching . Shades are removable.

Shades: S2, S4, S6, S8, S10, S12, S14, S16, S18, S20, S22, S24, S26, S28, S30, S32, S34, S36, S36, S38, S40.

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