Bonart ART-E1 Electrosurgery Cutting Unit

Bonart ART-E1 Electrosurgery Cutting Unit


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Product Description

BONART ART-E1 State of the art Electrosurgery/cutting unit comes with seven different electrodes, hand held piece, grounding plate, power cord, and a foot switch. Soft, easy-to-use indifferent plate for patient comfort. The unit has three different operation modes: operation or cut mode, coagulation, and cut-coagulation. Output power is up to 70 watts. Unit operates at frequency of 1.5 to 1.7 MHZ with 10 different power¬† settings. The unit comes in monopolar mode, however the¬† bipolar converter is optional and available upon request. Electrodes are autoclavable, 1/16″ diameter shaft. Electrodes are universal, and compatible with most major electrorsurgical brands.

* 7 Electrodes
* Foot Switch
* Grounding Plate
* Hand held piece
* Power Cord
ISO Certified;CE Certified; 510k registered!

One year Warranty