PAIN REDUCTION. Burs have channels that are optimally designed to spray water, which decreases heat and reduces the chance of pulp damage.

RAPID HEAT DISSIPATION. The opposite spiral creates a double spray “TURBO” effect. Rotational forces recover the water from the surface and convey it to a working point along the grooves. This allows for longer contact of the cooling spray with the instrument and more efficient thermal exchange. The result is less tooth trauma.

AUTOMATIC REMOVAL OF DEBRIS. The opposite spiral channels create a “TURBO” flow of cooling lubricating spray that removes debris and prevents clogging.

SHARPER EDGE. “COOL” burs have a sharper edge, in comparison to traditional burs and therefore have double the depth of penetration for the same period of time.

    TRADITIONAL BURS                                                                    “COOL” BURS

 Debris stay on diamonds

Automatic removal of debris

 Cutting increases the heat

Cutting does not increase heat

 One cutting edge

Multiple cutting edges

 Shorter life

Longer life

 “Cool” Burs Cost-$49.90 for 10 pieces