Autoclavable Bite Registration Impression Trays

Stainless Steel Perforated Impression Trays – Set of 6

Autoclavable for repeated use, can be autoclaved up to 121 times. Uniquely design, sturdy, and durable. Designed with the smooth surface, perfect for loading the impression material.
The package contains the following autoclavable impression trays:
Small upper
Medium upper
Large upper
Small lower
Medium lower
Large Lower


Stainless Steel Non-Perforated Impression Trays – Set of 10


Please note that X-Small Trays are pediatrics trays.

Kit includes Upper and Lower Trays.

Wrapped arched handles for easy removal.

Handle and rims are welded to eliminate weak spots.

High quality, long lasting, stainless steel which resists tarnish and corrosion.

Sterilized by autoclave, dry heat or immersion.

12 Autoclavable Impression Trays

Autoclavable, reusable, and able to withstand reuse without distortion.

Occlusal surfaces lines maintain space, and protect against bite through the material impression.

Made of high impact resin.

Available in: UL #1, LL #2, UM #3, LM #4, US #5, LS #6, Partial #7, Partial #8, PAU #9, PAL #10.


 Bite Registration Disposable Impression Trays

Manufactured of high quality polished plastic with smooth edges to ensure patient’s comfort

Non-tear mesh with superior strength, precisely captures impressions and is easy to remove

Economical, greatly reduces cross-contamination

Available in Quadrant, Anterior, Posterior, Full Arch, and Assorted


12-Disposable Perforated Plastic Trays Assorted Sizes

#1 Large Upper

#2 Large Lower

#3 Medium Upper

#4 Medium Lower

#5 Small Upper

#6 Small Lower

#7 UR/LL Quad

#8 UL/LR Quad

#9 Anterior Upper

Please choose the size of the tray

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Defend Vinyl Tray Adhesive 10 ml, with applicator.
For firm adhesion between impression trays and VPS impression materials. Non-flammable.
Brand: Defend